PrenotaEsame is a software for managing reservations for diagnostic tests, specialist visits, laboratory tests, useful for example in Polyclinics, Medical Centers, Pharmacies. It is also possible to manage online reservations made directly by patients from your website, or from our server by direct payment to your account using Paypal, Amazon Pay, or other. PrenotaEsame is developed to work entirely on the web browser or mobile device without the need to install dedicated apps. A crucial aspect that distinguishes PrenotaEsame from other software in circulation is the possibility of customization! Being a software developed entirely by our staff, we are able to make any changes according to customer needs, which is almost impossible to do with other software.

Some features of PrenotaEsame:

  • No limit on the number of users who can use it
  • Management of the holiday calendar by department
  • Management of suspended payments
  • Management of attachments for each exam
  • Report for each individual department, doctor, or professional involved
  • Patient registry management
  • Compensation calculation: for individual professionals and for the structure
  • Sending reminder SMS and exam repetition to the patient
  • Encrypted archive for maximum security on the processing of sensitive data

The software is constantly developing, and expands as needed! These are just some of the features of PrenotaEsame! I invite you to contact us without delay for more details!