The pharmacy in recent years has changed its face, it is no longer considered only a shop where to buy drugs but a real reference for the patient’s health.

Needs have changed, culture has changed and the advent of digitalization has transformed the way people are treated and to carry out certain types of diagnostic tests through telemedicine in PHARMACY, teleconsultation and remote reporting by specialist doctors.

‚ÄúTelemedicine services can be an integral part of the structural and organizational redesign of the country’s assistance network. Telemedicine can in particular contribute to improving the quality of health care and allow the usability of treatments, diagnosis services and remote medical advice, as well as the constant monitoring of vital parameters, in order to reduce the risk of the onset of complications in people at risk or suffering from chronic diseases. Telemedicine, in representing one of the main areas of application of online healthcare, offers potential of great importance especially in terms of increased equity in accessing social and health services in remote territories, thanks to the decentralization and flexibility of the offer of services. returns, the provision of which is made possible thanks to innovative forms of domiciliation “. (


The following instrumental devices are provided within the Service Pharmacy:

The electrocardiogram is a method that allows you to record the electrical activity of the heart through electrodes placed on the surface of the body.

Who is it recommended for?

  • Men or women without particular cardiovascular problems, over the age of 40,
  • People taking drugs with high cardiovascular effects,
  • Cardiac disease subjects,
  • Subjects who perform amateur or competitive physical activity.

Using an electrocardiogram it is possible to evaluate:

  • Heart rate and its regularity,
  • Disorders such as palpitation or other unconsciousness phenomena,
  • Appearance of ischemic suffering and so on.

The 24-hour Holter Ecg (cardiac) allows you to monitor the electrical activity of the heart 24 hours a day so as to record the electrocardiogram continuously throughout the day.

The 24h blood pressure monitor is 24-hour pressure monitoring aimed at individuals who experience a sudden increase or decrease in pressure. Subjects with stress, with problems of hypertension, or hypotension etc.

The pharmacies that intend to carry out this type of assistance use dedicated spaces separate from other environments, which allow the use, maintenance and storage of dedicated equipment in safe conditions, as well as compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data. , and in compliance with privacy legislation.