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REFERTAZIONE REMOTA NETWORK has the aim to provide to assisted healthcare residences an high quality facility based on technology and professionalism of all the involved individuals. It has the objective of reporting in the shortest possible time radiological imagings in a highly professional way and with the highest quality levels. with the aid of the highest technology to service health imaging in combination with the professionalism and experience of our radiologists team. The global context in which we work is basically distinguished for the dynamism of the following market variables:

  • specialization of the tecnical offer;
  • outsourcing for no core business activities;
  • the “incouraged” use of informatization and digital processing of the information;
  • the interconnection among different centres of eccellence to ensure the best possible product mainly focusing, in the competition, on quality.

Refertazione Remota Network operates with highly supervised internal procedures so to ensure absolute confidentiality of data, and reporting time for diagnlostic results is around 48 hours from the receiving of data via web.